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Current Athens College of Ministry Catalog

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Athens College of Ministry Academic Programs

Christian education with God in focus

Undergraduate Certificate

Associate of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Master's Certificate

Master of Arts

Master of Divinity

Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's of Divinity

All programs and areas of concentration include the following:


Christian Core Courses

All certificate and degree programs require that students complete the Christian Core requirements, courses designed to equip head and heart with the biblical truths found in the Athens College of Ministry Belief Statement. Christian Core courses are also designed to equip student with the tools to effectively engage in further Bible study.



In addition to coursework in biblical foundations, prayer, and Christian leadership, all students engage in long-term, mentored field experiences related to the Faith-in-Action program requirement—practical, hands-on training in real ministry situations supported by classroom instruction.


A Culture of Service

Each semester, ACMin students are expected to fulfill one hour of service at an approved service site for each credit hour that he or she is enrolled in coursework. This service requirement extends beyond the Faith-in-Action apprenticeship experience. Fulfilling the service requirement is a pre-requisite to graduation from ACMin.

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ACMin programs are designed and integrated with building students’ relationships at the core—relationships with God, with the school community, and within the context of Christian service opportunities.