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Campus Development

Naming Opportunities

Be a significant part of supporting God’s work through the Athens College of Ministry as we work together to build God’s Kingdom!  See below for a variety of named opportunities to support the building of our beautiful campus! The amounts indicated below will entitle the donor to name that part of our campus in someone’s name or honor.  To make arrangements for a named gift, to make a gift of stocks or real estate, or to make an estate pledge to ACMin, please contact ACMin President, Dr. Marcia Wilbur, at 706-769-1472 or

Yes! Tree – $8k

In keeping with 2 Corinthians 1:20, “For all of God’s promises are yes in Christ,”  the Athens College of Ministry will commission the creation of a bronze tree that will find its home in our Prayer Garden. You are invited to sponsor the creation of the Yes! Tree by a local artist.

Once the tree has been crafted, individuals will be able to commission personalized bronze leaves on the tree with their names and favorite promises from scripture.

Gifts received from the proceeds of the Yes! Tree will benefit the Student Scholarship Fund.

Classroom & Administration Building – $7.8M

The first all-purpose building on our campus will serve to house our college’s base of operations at its new home!  The building will provide space for classrooms, our library, Transformational Prayer Ministry Center, faculty offices, and student gatherings.

Acre of Campus – $10k

Become an ACMin Founder!  Your sponsorship of an acre of property will help us with the costs to develop the campus infrastructure – water, septic, parking lots and roads.  All of these are necessary and important for the full functionality of our beautiful space.  Sponsor a one-acre or larger parcel. Contact ACMin at 706-769-1472 to learn which parcels are still available to sponsor.

House of Hope – $450k

As part of the ACMin Retreat Center, the House of Hope will contain 10 bedrooms, each with a private bath, common living space, and a small appartment for the House Parents who will reside and minister there.  The House of Hope will provide multi-day and multi-week ministry care and restoration for pastors and their wives, couples, and individuals seeking freedom from the spiritual, relational, and emotional challenges of the world.  Guests in the House of Hope will receive daily training and personalized ministry care.

Athens Prayer Garden – $250k

The Athens Prayer Garden will be open to the public as a quiet place to meet with the LORD.  The centerpiece of the garden will be a multi-story cross, with numerous walking paths connected to it. A place of natural beauty with spots for quiet reflection, the garden will boast several “teaching pathways” that offer the message of salvation as well as other powerful truths from God’s Word. Your gift will help us create the necessary landscaping, the teaching plaques, the paved pathways, and of course, the beautiful cross. What a gift to our community!

12 Prayer Cabins – $50k Each

During the early phase of our campus build-out, the prayer cabins will serve as student housing during the academic year.  Each cabin will have a full bath, kitchenette, living area, and sleeping space for four students.  During the summer months, the Prayer Cabins will serve as short- and long-term housing for additional Retreat Center guests.

ACMin Farm – $250k

With your gift to establish the ACMin Farm, we will be able to plant orchards and gardens, build a barn for equipment and small animals, erect two green houses, and secure the equipment needed to plow, plant, and harvest!  Not only will the farm serve to grow food for the hungry, but it will be the backdrop for teaching our students how to use agriculture as ministry, whether through community gardening efforts or agricultural missions.

Worship Center – $750k

The Worship Center will serve as a gathering place for Christian Conferences, Guest Lecturers, Indoor worship gatherings, weekly chapel services for students, etc. Local churches and community organizations will be allowed to use the space when available, as a larger venue for their needs and for special events or services.

Prayer Chapel – $250k

The Prayer Chapel, along with the Athens Prayer Garden, will provide a quiet place for students, faculty, and guests to spend time with the Lord.  The Transformational Prayer Ministry Center will also use space located in the Prayer Chapel building for its base of operations.

Recreation Area – $25k

The recreation area will be used by students and Retreat Center guests, as well as available for use by area Youth Groups, and college-age ministry groups.  The recreation area will include a covered pavillion with restrooms and outdoor cooking area, plus a baseball diamond, and a game shed with outdoor game equipment

House of Joy – $450k

Like the House of Hope, the House of Joy will serve as a second retreat home on the ACMin campus.  With an additional 10 bedrooms and private baths, the House of Joy will double our capacity to provide short- and long-term ministry care to those in need.  The House of Joy will be staffed full-time by house parents trained in restoration and inner healing.

ACMin Library – $500k

Every college has to have its library!  The ACMin library will be very user-friendly with quiet and group study spaces for students and faculty.  The ACMin library will also be available for public use. The library will boast collections for in-depth theological study and applied ministry.

Founder’s Trail – $250k

Because our property was formerly a golf course, we are blessed with lots of paved cart paths.  Your Founder’s Trail gift will help us resurface the portions of the walkways badly in need of repair, beautify the areas around the walkways, and create some scenic quiet places along the way!

Other Naming Opportunities

We would like to honor your gift in service of the Lord, or honor the memory of your loved one.  As such, other naming opportunities are available through the Athens College of Ministry, including:

  • The Campus: $1M
  • One brick in the Athens Prayer Garden walkway: $500
  • One classroom: $50k
  • Named student scholarship: $100k
  • Endowed faculty position: Monthly pledge of $2000

Please call us at 706-769-1472 for assistance with your named gift. We are deeply grateful for your support of the work that God has called us to accomplish in this place!