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Growing Closer to Jesus Together!
The groups and classes offered through Athens College of Ministry are designed to augment your current walk with Christ, with specific areas of focus. This page is updated frequently to keep the community updated with opportunities to come together to learn, grow, and heal in Christian community. 

Upcoming Groups & Classes

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The Ultimate Journey Phase 1 Class

An inner healing opportunity!

Description: Whether you grew up in a “functional” or “dysfunctional” home, in some way you have been negatively affected by the world around you. Phase 1 helps you discover how you arrived at the place in life where you are today, what is keeping you stuck, and what steps are necessary to begin moving forward. You will experience a safe, confidential setting where you’ll be free to share and explore your personal history. This takes place in a small group of one facilitator and up to four other participants. You will have the opportunity to accept your reality, receive healing for hurts and wounds, uncover the lies you’ve believed, and move beyond the circumstances of life that have kept you stuck. As you do this, you will be set free to boldly become the person God created you to be and chart a new course for the rest of your life.

Cost: $75.00 (Ministry Partner Discounts Apply)
Dates: Spring 2022, Tuesdays from 9:00AM-12:00PM, Starting January 11th

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Conversations That Matter

*Pre-requisite to participation in a Connection Group

Description: In this 7-week course, you will build a personal framework for understanding God, yourself, and the people in your world. By gaining a foundational understanding of Christianity and the problem of sin, you will be equipped to enter the hearts of others in a way that arouses their desires as well as your own to go deeper in relationship with God. You will expand your capacity to live from a place of personal wholeness and Kingdom building.
Cost: $35.00 (Includes course materials)
Dates: New classes are forming regularly! Contact to join the next upcoming Conversations That Matter class!

Connection Groups

See pre-requisite course Conversations That Matter

Description: During this 7-session experience, participants will meet in small groups with a facilitator for the purpose of exercising the principles learned in the Conversations That Matter course. Participants will experience how to interact effectively and transparently with other group members for the purposes of their personal growth as well become a conduit for God’s love to be released in other’s lives. It is recommended that participants enroll in “Conversations That Matter” (see above) prior to joining a Connection Group.
Cost: $30.00
Dates: New Connection Groups are forming regularly! Please contact to join a new Connection Group.

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