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Academic Courses – Summer 2022

Course Offerings

Course Formats. ACMin offers in-person, blended, virtual, and online classes.  Check the schedule below to select the type of class meeting that bet suits your schedule and geographic location. 

  • Online Class. All ACMin courses offered online have a 2 hours of required live videoconference meeting times for each credit hour. The instructor will poll all enrolled students for their availability to schedule the virtual course meeting times.
  • Videoconference Class.  These virtual classes meet by live, synchronous videoconference. Students are expected to attend classes virtually at the regularly-scheduled times.
  • Blended Class. Most ACMin courses can be taken virtually by students who do not live locally.  Contact your Academic Advisor for more information about attending a “blended” class.

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Summer 2022


Systematic Theology

This course presents biblical doctrine, the existence of God and His attributes, the Trinity, Theism, doctrine of creation, man, the fall, death, heaven, hell, doctrine of the church, spiritual warfare, the power of God through His Word, and Christ’s return. Students will gain experience in integrating doctrine into real world situations and in understanding how theological concepts are expressed differently across cultures.

Instructor: Dr. Jesse Coyne

Meeting Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:30-12:30 PM


Effective Prayer Ministry Tools: Wholeness Car Prayer Ministry

In this course, participants will learn and apply key strategies for offering prayer ministry to recipients who may not yet have a personal relationship with Christ. Participants will also understand and apply biblical principles for physical healing and how to effectively incorporate those into a successful prayer ministry session as well as explore the connections between body, soul, and spirit.

Instructor: Dr. Marcia Wilbur

Meeting Times: Intensive (July 11-15th) 8:30-5:00 PM


Christian Philosophy

This course is an in-depth study of the knowing that “there must be God” through an examination of God’s power through His creation and through His infallible word. The course also examines different philosophical arguments concerning Jesus Christ, the relevancy of Christianity, and how Christians profess God’s existence in a philosophical argument.

Instructor: Dr. Tim Harrison

Meeting Times: Tuesday & Thursday 2:30-4:30 PM

The Great Commission: Discipleship

This course examines a biblically-based reflection on an individuals’ personal spiritual growth. Based on an individual’s progress along the pathway, students will consider spiritual needs and potential barriers to spiritual growth. Students focus on using Christian discipleship and leadership principles to develop healthy, thriving, Christian communities that promote and encourage spiritual growth and sanctification.

Instructor: Dr. Suresh Thomas

Meeting Times: June 17 – July 8 Monday-Wednesday 9:30 – 1:00 PM (Virtual Only)


Case Studies in Ministry

Based on a foundation of biblically-based Christian ethics and decision-making, participants in this course will examine real-life case studies in ministry and their application to effective, Christ-centered, Kingdom transformation.

Instructor: Dr. Kurt Genteman

Meeting Times: Monday, 6:00-9:00 PM (Virtual Only)

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Textbook List for SUMMER 2022

Fall 2022


Old Testament

This course presents an overview of the history of the Bible, its writing and centuries of preservation, and provides an introduction to the history and theology of selected books and passages of the Old Testament. Through the study of the Old Testament, students will build their inductive Bible study skills.

Instructor: Dr. Jesse Coyne

Meeting Times: Online

Care & Christian Counseling

Biblical Foundations for Prayer Ministry

Students will investigate the biblical premise for heart transformation and the renewing of the mind through the practice of prayer ministry. The focus will be on the application of effective prayer ministry methods and prayer ministry as a tool to set the captives free as well as a means to present Christ to unbelievers.

Instructor: Cindy Mackey

Meeting Times: TBD

Ultimate Journey II

After unpacking self-deception through Phase 1, Phase 2 helps students discover God’s solution for their lives as they explore the incredible love relationship God desires to have with them. In Phase 2, students will come to understand the eternal covenant that God entered on their behalf and how God is committed to meeting every one of their needs. As a result, students will be able to stop striving and trying to prove their worth or meet their own needs and be able to move beyond the hopelessness of never feeling good enough in order to experience peace and rest.

Instructor: Vic and Dee Pesaresi

Meeting Times: Monday 6:00-9:00PM


Foundations of Faith

The course presents a survey of Christ-centered biblical history and provides, through the study of Scripture, a theological framework for God, Jesus, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the spiritual world, evil, the Church, and specific theological beliefs. The course includes an introduction to inductive Bible study and an overview of church history.

Instructor: Dr. Tim Harrison

Meeting Times: Tuesday & Thursday 10:30-12:00PM

His Creation: Identity in Christ

This course will equip students to identify and develop their identity in Christ as stewards entrusted with unique, individual talents. The course provides a biblical perspective on spiritual gifts and explores theological issues surrounding spiritual gifts in ministry. This course will give students the tools to discover, explore, and practice their God-given gifts and talents and will prepare them to represent the Lord in their circles of influence within a domain of leadership through the application of strengths and gifts within the context of ministry teams and as team leaders. Students will examine biblical, historical, and philosophical precedents for working groups and teams as related to ministry applications and realities.

Instructor: Dr. Marcia Wilbur

Meeting Times: Monday 6:30-8:30PM (Virtual Only)

Spiritual Warfare & Victory in Christ

The course examines the realities of spiritual warfare and a biblical basis for victory given to believers through the power of Jesus.

Instructor: Dr. Kurt Genteman

Meeting Times: Monday 9:30AM-12:30PM

General Education

English Composition

The English Composition course prepares students for the rigors of college writing with an emphasis on correct writing mechanics, writing for effective communication, writing styles appropriate to the intended audience, and proper citations. Students are required to complete a research paper on a Christian topic of personal interest at the culmination of this course.

Instructor: Amy Alred

Meeting Times: Wednesday 9:30AM-12:30PM

Worship Arts


This class is designed to help students acquire mastery of foundational theory and core skills that will enable them to become proficient in songwriting. Through study of texts on professional songwriting, hands on practice, individual writing assignments, group co-writing, and regular feedback from professional songwriters, students will become well versed with tools and strategies that will enable them to write new songs for the church. Additionally, there will be discussion about song types, including personal vs. corporate worship songs, and how music plays a role in worship and personal devotion. Students can expect to leave the class having written 3 songs they can use for ministry.

Instructor: Will Richardson

Meeting Times: 5 Saturdays TBD